A very simple Wookmark setup.
  • AMD
    Dynamically loading Wookmark via AMD.
  • Remote API
    Displaying images from a remote API.
  • PHP server
    Displaying images from a custom php server.
  • Endless scroll
    Automatically load new content when scrolling down.
  • Filtering
    Showing and hiding tiles based on user-controlled filters.
  • Flexible width
    Automatically adjusting tiles to always fill the container width.
  • Lightbox
    Showing a lightbox when users click tiles.
  • Load it all
    Load the plugin after all images have loaded.
  • Placeholders
    Displaying placeholders at the bottom to create even-sized columns.
  • Sorting
    Let users change the sort order of your tiles.
  • Stamping
    Stamping tiles to specific positions in the layout.
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